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President's Report Recognizing 2017-18 Donors

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Total Lycoming Annual Fund Giving

5 Year Comparison

Year Alumni Donors Alumni Participation
2018 2489 20%
2017 2483 20%
2016 2607 21%
2015 2739 23%
2014 2577 21%

Total Overall Giving

5 Year Comparison

Year Alumni Donors Alumni Participation
2018 2622 21%
2017 2629 21%
2016 2771 23%
2015 2894 24%
2014 2743 23%

The Inspiration

Erik Homberger ’19

Psychology major, writing minor

“One of the things I’ve learned over the years is how many opportunities for students exist at Lycoming College. I helped a professor with her research, and I’ve become part of groups I didn’t expect to participate in. How much you grow at Lycoming somehow gives you the opportunity to take what you’ve learned from these experiences and create something of your own.”

Jazmin Jones ’20

Archaeology major, anthropology minor

“Being a scholarship recipient allows me to continue to be surrounded by knowledge and new people, which is what I love most! It also allows me to experience new opportunities such as my Smithsonian Institute summer internship where I conducted hands-on research on topics that I'm passionate about. Lycoming College showed me that my options are endless if I wish to pursue my passions.”

Nam Do ’18

Marketing and commercial design double-major

“It took me a long while to finally decide on pursuing art, but Lycoming gave me the freedom to discover my true vocation. I took advantage of the opportunities shared and made possible by the art faculty. There are countless opportunities out there - what’s important is whether one decides to grab them. My journey began when I grabbed the opportunity to study at Lycoming.”

Rebecca Forbes ’19

Quantitative economics and Spanish double-major, business administration minor

“I am honored to have received scholarships, as they allowed me to immerse myself in not only the Spanish language, but a new culture. My love for travel and experiencing different cultures has been hindered in the past by my inability to pay for opportunities, and I am beyond grateful that scholarships allowed me to take full advantage of this experience.”

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